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Clip-On Sunglasses

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Our collection of clip on eyewear is the perfect way to make the transition from indoor to the outdoors stylishly, practically and affordably. There's no need to break out a whole other pair of specs: you've got an easy, inexpensive and streamlined option. Just clip them on your existing optical eyewear and enjoy 100% UV protection, a polarized filament that reduces glare and unparalleled comfort, clarity and style.

Any item in our clip-on collection can be enjoyed by anyone who wears prescription eyeglasses, but they are ideally suited for those who frequently move between the indoors and outdoors, and with lifestyles that have them constantly encountering lighting variations.

This optical option is more cost-effective than buying a whole other pair of sunglasses, and since clip ons can fit perfectly over your existing frames, they offer the most convenient sort of cool. What’s not to love? Try out a pair of our clip-on glasses today.