It’s All About Perspective

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We’re a little different, and we think that’s a good thing. Our approach to the eyewear industry is accessible and encourages the expression of unique style and individuality. Yes, our glasses also help people see the world clearly, but we love that everyone who peers out from behind a pair of our frames interprets the view differently.

To celebrate the launch of our brand new store on Robson Street in Vancouver, we invited five talented local artists to express what looking at the world differently means to them. You can check out their creations below.

Now, it’s your turn

We want to see a photo and statement that, together, tells the story of how you look differently at the world.

Here's how to share your one-of-a-kind perspective with us: Post to Instagram using #LookDifferentYVR and tag @BaileyNelsonCA, or email your submissions directly to

Once submitted, your post will show up in our digital gallery at

The challenge is open until August 3, 2017. Thereafter, our panel of original creators will partner with us to select one submission that embodies the spirit of ‘Look Different.’

If your submission is selected, you’ll become our Scout, which means we’re sending you on an all-expenses-paid adventure to the place where Bailey Nelson began—Australia.

While there, your mission will be to document and share your unique take on the land down under.


“Of a collection of fifty, each box houses a different everyday object and understated totem with a particular history implicit in shifting my perspective. Each item is boxed identically, enclosed with a letter explaining its value and handed out at random.

Consider each one a simple yet disruptive tool, the kind you break glass for in case of a creative emergency.”


WhenTheyFindUs - Look Different

“Beautiful nuances can quickly and easily go amiss in this precarious and preoccupied world. At times, something unique and special can be noted and appreciated for its emphatic value with just an extra glance, a turn, or adjusting the point of view.

A large part of my creative process is found within being truly present, and taking note of the details that are influencing what is happening within the frame of the camera lens. Here, the way light disperses and how shadows are created through the architecture of Woodward building captivated my interest.

Moments of light, geometry and form, as well as human interaction usually find their way into my work, as my appreciation as a human being develops and grows. It is what I truly find beautiful about life, and I hope that resonates with the audience.”


“I’m interested in highlighting the structural elements of an arrangement. Using chicken wire as the base of my piece as opposed to industry-standard floral foam allows for a more environmentally-friendly arrangement.

By exposing the wire, I asks the viewer to consider the architecture of the arrangement: not just the finished product, but the process of support and construction.”


“In this paper mosaic I’m interested in playing with abstracted elements of our city and coast that are reassembled to build larger, subtle imagery.

Whether you see mountains, architecture, or greenery, there is space to play and interpret as an observer and to look differently at our environment as you meander through it.”


“I find inspiration everywhere, whether it be in my own neighbourhood or travelling. I always walk by this place and am constantly fascinated with the characters in and outside the building.

They have a true community, a meeting place. You can tell by a quick conversation, many of these people have hung around the cafe for years. It's beautiful, a different look on Vancouver.”

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