Meet the Team: Dr. Serena Kooner

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Meet Dr. Kooner! 

Next up in our 'Meet the Doctor' campaign is our resident Morgan Crossing optometrist, Dr. Serena Kooner. Being an eye glass wearer herself, Dr. Kooner has always been fascinated by the effects that proper vision can have on someone's day to day life, since childhood. After completing her Undergraduate studies at the University of British Columbia, Dr. Kooner attended the College of Optometry at Western University in California--no doubt we are beyond happy she made her way back to BC!

BN: Why did you become an optometrist?

SK: I wanted to become an optometrist after I bought my first pair of eye glasses at age 13. Although my vision isn't as bad as others without glasses, I was truly amazed at the difference it made in my perception of the world. Everything seemed brighter, better and more "high def". I know there are many people out there similar to myself who wouldn't know what they are missing unless they had their eyes tested.

BN: What is your favourite thing about being an Optometrist?

SK: My favourite thing about being an optometrist is being able to make connections with patients in my community. I live five minutes away from our Morgan Crossing location and I enjoy being able to connect with my neighbours and contribute to my community.

Photo of Serena

BN: What made you choose Bailey Nelson?

SK: I chose Bailey Nelson because of the friendly culture and relaxed atmosphere. I enjoy the fact that patients can come in and book a comprehensive eye exam without the feeling of being at a "doctor's" office. Everyone at Bailey Nelson is available to help patients have the best experience possible.

BN: What are your favourite Bailey Nelson frames?

SK: My favourite frames right now are the Theodore Half Windsor in the Mahogany colour!

BN: Truth or Myth: staring at a screen all day will damage your eyes.

SK: True! There are many detrimental effects that staring at a screen all day can have on your eyes. The most common sympotms that people will experience include eyestrain, headaches, dry or watery eyes, blurred vision, or difficulty focusing. All of these symptoms can be the result of excessive screen time and your optometrist can work with you to help find solutions. Blue light emitted from screens is also something we need to protect ourselves from! It can contribute to eyestrain, difficulty falling asleep, and may potentially cause cataracts to progress quicker as well as macular degeneration; although research in this field is still ongoing.


“My favourite part about being an optometrist is being able to make connections with patients in my community”


BN: What is a common misconception people have about optometrists

SK: It's that we do "sight testing". Although having your vision tested to get the best possible prescription is an important part of the eye examination process, and the part that patients remember the most, it is a small part of the overall exam. There are many parts of the exam that patients overlook or aren't aware are being checked including their colour vision, binocular vision, health of the outside and inside of the eyes. All of this is checked in one exam!

BN: Can you tell us a fun fact about yourself?

SK: I love glasses so much that I have never worn contacts! I have at least 15 pairs of glasses that I alternate through and my favourite is always changing.

BN: Where did you go for Undergrad and Optometry school?

SK: I attended UBC for my undergraduate studies and Wester University in California for Optometry school.

BN: What is your best memory of being an optometrist?

SK: My best memory is fitting a patient with specialized glasses who had struggled with double vision while viewing anything up close for most of his life. After receiving his glasses, he instantly felt relief and even came back a few months later to express how much his glasses had changed his life.


At Bailey Nelson, our approach to eye exams is just a little bit different. We start with a process that’s equal parts relaxed and professional, and we only partner with optometrists like Dr. Kooner who are passionate and genuine.

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