Meet the Team: Dr. Nieka Sabeti

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Meet Dr. Sabeti! 

Kicking off our 'Meet the Doctor' campaign is our resident Robson Street optometrist, Dr. Nieka Sabeti. After having a memorable eye exam at the age of 9, Dr. Sabeti was inspired to explore a career in eye care. After completing a Bachelor of Science at the University of British Columbia, Dr. Sabeti attended the New England College of Optometry--and let's just say we are beyond happy she made her way back to Vancouver!

With a goal of recreating the same feeling she had as a child, you can expect an incredibly relaxed, seamless and positive experience with Dr. Sabeti.

BN: What drew you to Optometry?

NS: I vividly remember sitting in my optometrist's clinic as a nine-year-old and feeling excited about my surroundings. Seeing all of the special equipment and lenses used to make diagnoses and improve vision sparked my curiosity that eventually led me to pursue optometry.

BN: What is your favourite thing about being an Optometrist?

NS: My favourite part about the job is building trusting, therapeutic relationships with my patients. I view this career as an opportunity for a care-provider to combine the use of scientific knowledge, diagnostic skills, technological equipment, and importantly, compassionate bedside manner, in making a positive impact on patients' lives. I think it’s fascinating to be able to detect certain medical conditions through the dilated eye health examination. On another note, I think it’s so much fun to work in an industry that combines health and fashion. I love providing the latest trendy eyewear that patients can add to their wardrobe!

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BN: Truth or Myth - does wearing glasses make your eyes lazy?

NS: Myth! The transition between wearing glasses and taking them off is like looking through HD vision and then not. The patient will notice a difference between sharp, clear vision with glasses and blurred vision without the glasses. I aim to give my patients their full prescription, where appropriate, to help reduce any causes of eye strain, headaches, or even a further increase in prescription which can sometimes happen in children.

BN: We get this question a lot, “can I use my old prescription for a new pair of glasses?”

NS: Prescriptions usually expire every 1-2 years. It is recommended for patients to have their eyes regularly checked annually or biannually, as most cases present with at least a mild change in prescription which can provide the patient with optimal vision.

BN: Contacts or glasses?

NS: Both glasses and contact lenses are great options for patients who are the right candidates. Glasses are a first-line treatment for refractive error and a safe option for patients of all ages. If the doctor determines that the patient is a good candidate for contact lens wear and that the patient will maintain proper contact lens hygiene and care, then that is another option for vision correction. I personally wear both glasses and contact lenses and switch it up between the two. When I wear contact lenses, I usually switch to glasses halfway throughout the day.


“My favourite part about the job is building trusting, therapeutic relationships with my patients”


BN: Why were you drawn to Bailey Nelson?

NS: I love Bailey Nelson because even though the comprehensive eye examination is practiced medically, it is done in an atmosphere that provides utmost comfort and ease to the patient. I have had numerous patients report to me about how relaxed they are during their eye examinations because of the ambience the store and clinic provide.

BN: Do you have a prescription?

NS: I do have a prescription! I have a combination of nearsightedness (or myopia) and astigmatism. I wear glasses and contact lenses.

BN: Can you tell us a fun fact about yourself?

NS: I am a proud member of the Beyhive... yes, I'm a huge Beyonce fan!! She has been my all-time favourite artist ever since the beginning!

BN: Is my Contact prescription the same as my Glasses prescription?

NS: A patient’s contact lens prescription is usually slightly different from the eyeglass prescription. We have to take several factors into consideration when determining the proper contact lens prescription, including the discrepancy between the vertex distance of glasses versus contact lenses.

BN: What was your first pair of BNs?

NS: The Theodore Windsor Rim!

BN: What is your best memory of being an optometrist?

NS: My best memory since starting my career as an optometrist would have to have been the moment a 29-year-old patient was brought to tears as she was leaving my office with the correct customized contact lenses I had measured and provided for her, saying it was "the first time [she] could ever see so clearly", and that "the world looks so much more beautiful". That moment was a beautiful reminder of how truly rewarding a career in optometry can be.


At Bailey Nelson, our approach to eye exams is just a little bit different. We start with a process that’s equal parts relaxed and professional, and we only partner with optometrists like Dr. Sabeti who are passionate and genuine.

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