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Meet Michelle Kuhnreich, aka, @BootyByMich - the creator of 'The A.S.S CLASS' and a self employed personal trainer. Michelle hails from Montreal and moved to Vancouver to attend UBC where she graduated with a degree in Psychology. Here's her story in her unique words. 

So, tell us what you do and what do you love about it?

I have a passion for people, movement and the mind. I love creating exercise routines that fuse/strengthen the mental and physical together. I encourage all women to love all their curves and beautiful imperfections; I create an easy-going, fun and vibrant workout environment for all my clients, online and offline. We workout anywhere and just have fun reaching our goals, moving and getting to know ourselves! 

What does your morning routine look like?

I usually wake up at 6:15 am, hang out in bed for 5 minutes, take 3-5 slow/deep breaths.I'll brush my teeth and then get dressed, followed by a warm glass of lemon water and a fresh cup of coffee. 

What is the A.S.S class, why it is so special?

The class focuses on core and booty exercises, put together in a seamless workout session that stretches, strengthens, lengthens, tightens and tones your entire body using body weight exercises and a resistance band… or three. It's A LOT of booty and core, and very unique movements - the exercises and workouts are ever-changing! Because minimal equipment is needed, the workout can be done at home, outdoors, in the gym or while traveling. The environment is inclusive and open to all levels - I strive to remind women that visualization, awareness of your mind, body and breath allow you to strengthen inside and out.

What does fitness and wellness mean to you?

Wellness for me is taking care of yourself. Doing what makes you happy, setting aside time for yourself daily, doing activities, going places and being around people that make you feel a true sense of joy. 

Fitness for me is a complement of my wellness. Movement for me is a form of expression/a way to awaken both mind and body: to have fun while I challenge myself, all while connecting to my true sense of being. The power that can come from that one hour of stretching, running or a HIIT workout is empowerment, confidence, freedom and joy all at once. 

I move for fun and to feel - the physical definition and tone of the body is just a bonus.  

What are your top five foods in your diet and why?

Umm this is a tough one so I'll give you 7... Edamame with sea salt - I love salty when I have a craving rather than something sweet. Broccoli, butter lettuce, fish, salsa/hot sauce on everything. Ambrosia apples for a snack sprinkled with tajin, and coconut to eat as a snack!

What advice would you give to someone beginning their fitness journey?

Adding exercise such as a 30 min walk/run twice a week and a hatha yoga class once a week if you are absolute beginner!

  • Always have FUN, create an environment that is motivating and inspiring to you.
  • Have NO judgement.
  • Everyone started somewhere and this is the beginning of a new journey - you should be excited!
  • Find a workout buddy, a class you love, and listen to your body ALWAYS.

The more you enjoy moving and exercising, the more seamlessly it will become part of your lifestyle. 

How do you balance your work and your health?

For me, as I’m self employed, business never stops. When I stop, my business stops. 

I have learned to know that resting, taking a weekend away, taking a solo trip, and spending time off my phone is needed for my health, happiness and energy to stay as high as it does. 

My work is my true passion - I feel grateful to say it rarely feels like work. 

We know you love coffee. What are your top three spots in Vancouver?

Turks and Milano - They both have the same coffee that I'd call my ultimate favourite. Butter is my go-to espresso of choice

East Van Coffee Roasters - A charity-focused coffee shop helping women that are re-entering the workforce with a mentorship program in the downtown east side.

Whats next for you?

I will be starting a new class shortly - Yay! I'm placing all my workouts on my new website for streaming that will include an online community for people to connect! Everyone around the world will be able do an A.S.S Class or a BootyByMich workout daily.

Where can we take your classes and learn more about what you are up to?

I am a personal trainer so I travel to my clients' homes. The A.S.S CLASS is taught at TurF on Tuesday/Thursday/Friday at 9:30 am, as well as at the Lululemon and Aritzia head offices.

You can follow Michelle on Instagram @Bootybymich to see daily health and lifestyle tips, and check out and try her workouts!

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