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Men's Glasses

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Fellas, look no further than the Bailey Nelson collection for the optimal spread of men’s optical eyewear. From understated classic wire frames to bigger, bolder options, our design team has spent years creating the very best in men’s glasses. Recognised globally for our stylistic vision and our commitment to quality, our men’s eyewear is worn by discerning gentlemen from around the world.

While the design of our specs is inspired by the latest trends, it’s also founded in the timeless, no-nonsense style guys want. Sure, we carry some pretty funky frames, but above all, we stay committed to our mission to create eyewear for real life. This is why the wearability and durability of our lenses and frames is just as important as the style. After all, fads come and go, but functional fashion lasts forever.

Feast your eyes on our selection to see for yourself.