The Bevelled Sun Collection

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You’ve probably seen our new Bevelled Sun collection on Instagram or in our shop windows (it’s pretty hard to miss!)—but you might be curious about the details of the distinctive designs. 

Firstly, what exactly does bevelled mean? A bevelled edge is a slanted or angled lip. We see this in the new collection as the rim of the frames meet the lenses at an incline rather than a right angle. While the BN design team drew upon bygone eras for this collection, the bevelled design didn’t derive from fashion at all. 

“The bevelling technique is not unique to eyewear and actually originated in furniture and mirrors throughout history,” says Bailey Nelson designer, Dom Caillard. “It naturally lends itself to acetate as you can create some really interesting shapes and it catches the light so well, making the frames look really multifaceted when you wear them.” 

Looking towards the streets of Europe motivated the design of the unique sunglasses trio — a response to the micro-styles that have taken over the industry recently. 

“The Jackson shape was inspired by a lot of frames we were seeing in streetwear at fashion weeks,” says Dom. “The Monica is a classic oversized shape that has started creeping back into the catwalks and streets of Europe as a counter to the tiny glasses trends that have been so dominant for the last few years.”

Although the recent campaign was a brightly-coloured summer shoot created in our home city of Sydney, these frames offer versatility in both colour and style when it comes to year-round styling. 

“The colour of the acetates chosen was actually inspired by a transeasonal wardrobe, so it can be worn all year round. The bottle greens and burnt oranges would be a great way to add some colour to your winter wardrobe, and will still work well as you transition into lighter summer/spring dressing. We also went with a classic tortoiseshell as well as you can wear it any time of year, and will always be in style.” Says Dom. 

Whether you’re a fan of bold and exaggerated looks, or everyday functionality, finding a complementary hue and shape in the Bevelled Sun collection is unexpectedly effortless. 

Monica is guaranteed to suit most faces with its exaggerated round and square hybrid that would feel as much at home in 1965 as it does in 2020. Monica’s oversized silhouette and thick profile come together to create an effortless and chić look. Available in Bottle Green, Ginger and Dark Havana, Monica is an oversized look that doesn’t spare on the glam. 

A chunky rectangular model that’s bursting with attitude, we are bringing back 90’s nostalgia with the iconic Jackson frame. Bottle Green and Dark Havana make another appearance, but this time the style is rounded out with the addition of the vibrant, golden-toned new colourway, Marmalade. 

The collection wouldn’t be complete without a dash of pink, and our Peony colourway provides a soft, rose-tinted offering. Also available in Marmalade and Dark Havana, Seidler is a geometric game-changer, a frame from the future. Seidler’s octagonal shape is the perfect fit for those with experimental style.

Shop the Bevelled Sun collection online or in-store, and if you’re feeling yourself in our new styles share a photo in your favourite style on Instagram tagging @baileynelsonca. We’d love to see you!

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