National Sunglasses Day

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In support and celebration of National Sunglasses Day – held annually on June 27 – we wanted to make sure you aren’t neglecting your eyes share some of the key reasons why wearing sunglasses with high UV protection is so important for your everyday eye health.

Apart from being a must-have style accessory for famous athletes and movie stars alike,sunglasses have a host of health benefits: They cut down on harmful and annoying glare, prevent long-term problems with your eyes, and contribute to overall higher-quality and clearer vision.

With all that going for them, here are the top 5 reasons you should grab yourself a pair of high- quality shades and wear them regularly.

  1. They protect your eyes from harmful UV rays and other elements    We all enjoy the beach on a sunny day and lathering on sunscreen to protect our skin is a habit we’ve grown up with, so it’s no surprise that the sun’s UV rays can also cause harm to your eyes when left unprotected, even on overcast days.Sunglasses are a great way to protect your eyes from exposure to elements, too. Sand, wind, and dust can all irritate your eyes and even scratch your corneas. Your sunglasses, however, aren’t just a summer accessory as they also cut down the glare from snow and water. There may be more UV rays reaching your eyes on snowy days due to their reflection off the snow surface. Believe it or not, your eyes can get 'sunburnt’ on cold days too. It’s called, ‘snow blindness,’’ a temporary loss of vision due to the overexposure of UV rays reflected off ice and snow. Protect your best assets!
  2. For the long haul - they help prevent future eye health conditions related to the sun  Prolonged exposure to the sun’s UV rays can lead to conditions like cataracts, pterygium (which is where excess skin grows over your pupil) and can also contribute to eye cancer. Wearing sunglasses with a high UV protection rating can help protect against these conditions, keeping your eyes healthier, for longer.
  3. Squint no more - they help prevent eye strain due to bright lights and glare  For individuals who regularly get migraines or bad headaches, bright sunlight can be a major trigger. Polarized sunglasses allow you to soak up the sun without risking pain and discomfort and allow your eyes to relax and enjoy the sights and sounds without straining and squinting to see.
  4. Double duty - they can be made with prescription lenses  See the best of both worlds – If you wear prescription eyeglasses daily, prescription sunglasses are an absolute game changer. Imagine being able to get a tan AND see clearly without having to kill time putting in contact lenses. Prescription sunglasses can also be made with polarized lenses for the ultimate outdoor eyewear.
  5. The glaring truth – Polarized lenses go one step further   When spending time outdoors, the glare off of street signs, cars, and water can be blinding. Even brightness on an overcast day can sometimes be unbearable! Sunglasses with polarized lenses are the best at eliminating this secondary glare, allowing you the clearest and most comfortable vision possible, making driving and other activities more enjoyable. Many people describe it as the difference from watching regular TV to upgrading to high-definition.

Help us celebrate #NationalSunglassesDay by wearing YOUR favourite sunglasses and posting a selfie with the official hashtag. Not only just for fashion, but more importantly for your eye health!

Need help choosing a pair of polarized sunglasses? Check out our team’s current favourites:


Dustin in Prosecco and Vintage Tort

Roy in Caramel

Margot in Grey Crystal

Adler Windsor Rim in Havana Blue

Antonio in Leopold Tort Demi

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