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Unless you’re a total stranger to Sydney’s nightlife, have been actively avoiding social media or hiding under a media resistant rock for the past few years – you’ve probably heard of Lillian Ahenkan, better known as FlexMami. Her ingeniously eclectic looks and acute pop culture commentary have attracted attention in the online realm and beyond, scoring gigs on MTV, FBi Radio and her own website We Snitched. FlexMami took some time out from being the slashiest millennial of all time to answer some questions about personal style, social media and (just casually) her personal keys to success – take note.

You don’t shy away from vocalisling how much you enjoy all things digital. From selfies to live tweeting to insta story-ing and producing online content. Has this always been the case for you, since the glory days of Club Penguin and MySpace? 

This has most definitely always been the case. From Habbo Hotel, Club Penguin and The Sims  which quickly transitioned into Myspace, Bebo and the breadth of the platforms that exist now. I guess, I’ve always been intrinsically draw to the idea of being able to connect with likeminded people so far outside of my network. What’s not to love? 

There’s also an innate liberation in being able to carve out exactly who you are in tangible way – identifying the oddities and the nuances that make you, uniquely you, then curating it. Like, how wildly fantastic.

As amazing as social media has been for the sharing of content/creativity/ideas/knowledge/lived experiences, there’s no doubt that it’s also become a platform for quite a lot of negativity. However, your online presence seems to remain a consistently positive force. How do you ensure that you’re being real and honest, but also optimistic and supportive? Do you have any tips for keeping perspective in the digital realm?

It honestly and very likely started from my mother’s parenting style which gave me grandiose sense of self – self-esteem, self-love and self-betterment. My sense of optimism and positivity is definitely the manifestation of those things and it’s not always my intention to appear hyper-positive and optimistic, I guess it’s just the result of being content.

Tips for keeping perspective in the digital and real world? Anyone’s comments toward you is likely a reflection of themselves. Hating people aren’t happy and happy people aren’t hating.

Can you please let us in on some of your personal keys for confidence and success?

Half the hustle is being present (physically and mentally) and the other half is wanting – really wanting. That’s pretty much the cliff notes to the Law of Attraction, haha. But seriously, when you desire things/opportunities enough, you’re likely to subconsciously put yourself in a situation the nurtures this want. 

Oh, and I’m a huge fan of personality typing and manifesting, but that’s a whole different discussion.

Who or what are you feeling inspired by at the moment?

Person: Leandra Medine
Musician: SiR
Artist: Laura Callaghan 

We’re coming into winter here in Australia, and somehow the colder the weather gets, the duller my wardrobe becomes. It's all boring coats, boots and black jeans. As the queen of vibrant looks, do you have any advice for integrating colour and maintaining bold style? What’s your ultimate outfit for the cooler months?

Prepare the foundation of your Winter look at least three months in advance. Have at least 3  ~proper~ coats on rotation – 2 statement and one sensible. Shop online because the Australian market is unlikely to cater to your bold fashion needs.

My ultimate uniform for the cooler months is a print/pattern blouse (extra points for ruffles), a midi skirt or culotte, a wool coat and a mule.


And lastly, what’s coming up for you in 2017?

I’ll be writing over at We Snitched, DJ-ing at the best clubs over Australia and coming to TV screens near you.

IG: @flex.mami

Photography by Ben Murphy

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