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Mikaela Reuben Scouts our Roots in Australia.

The world is full of things worth seeing and we appreciate those who go on adventures, big and small, to find things that expand their hearts, minds and worldviews. Like us, BN Scouts see the world through a unique perspective and are always up to discover something new. Whether they’re checking out a museum exhibit or going around the world on a trip, our Scouts are the ultimate explorers. First up is Mikaela, who is scouting out Australia for us as she explores Bailey Nelson’s roots in the great down under. Watch this space for regular updates on what Mikaela is up to on her Australian adventure and follow along at #BNscouts. Journey on, Scout.

Hitting the Waves in Byron Bay Nov 25 & 26

In her last leg of the Scout journey, Mikaela head to the beautiful Byron Bay. Her final days were filled with beach lounging, cafe cruising and a surf lesson. Here’s some photos from Mikaela’s final day as the Bailey Nelson Scout. Get excited to catch the film that captures her entire journey, going live in a few weeks!

Mikaela hitting the beach in her Caroles (left)

Picture here: The Elizabethin Rose

Up, Up & Away Nov 23 & Nov 24

On her final day in Melbourne, we surprised Mikaela with a sunset hot air balloon ride! It was an early morning and after a late night at Melbourne Music Week our Scout was quite exhausted, but she loved every minute of her balloon ride over Melbourne. She now has a goal of taking a hot air balloon ride in every city in the world—that’s a goal we can get behind. Check out a look at Mikaela’s flight:

Mikaela took the Dallas on her flight

Scouting Melbourne Nov 21 & 22

After a Sydney whirlwind, Mikaela landed in Melbourne and spent some more quality time with our man, Scott. They chatted about the history of Bailey Nelson over coffee and Scott shared some stories from back in the day. You may not know that before we sold glasses online or in stores, Scott used to deliver frames on his skateboard all while rocking a bow tie (naturally).
They then head into our Fitzroy store where Mikaela picked up her optical frames (she chose the Robyn in Rose Gold) and quizzed Scott on his all-time favourite pair of Baileys (the Aries). The rest of the day was spent exploring Melbourne, checking out Pony Fish Island and sipping on more Aperol spritzes. Here’s a glimpse at some of Mikaela’s time in Melbourne:

Shop one of Mikaela's faves, the Mims

Product Chats with Ryan Nov 20

Over lattes and breakfast, Mikaela sat down with our Head of Product Design, Ryan Nix to learn more about what goes into crafting a pair of Baileys. She learned about where we source our materials and how we make acetate (apparently it’s a lot like making pasta!) Ryan was armed with a set of some of his favourite core styles along with some of our up-and-coming sunnies and frames. See below for a look at Ryan and Mikaela’s time together. Next stop: Melbourne!

Ryan is rocking a pair of Parker Large optical! (Left)

Sunday at the Market Nov 19

It’s time for a little lesson in BN history. While today we have stores across Australia, New Zealand, the UK and Canada, our glasses had their first debut at the Sunday Bondi market. Our founders Nick and Pete developed a community and a following here and it is a place that will always feel core to who Bailey Nelson is. We sent Mikaela to the market with one of our original BN team members, Taylor Ryan. Check out some photos of their day at the market:

Mikaela looking great in the Bronte Sun!

Mikaela is featured in a new sun style called the Sonja (Left). Watch for these coming soon!

Bondi Junction Store Visit Nov 18

Mikaela browsed some frames and met the team at our Bondi Junction store. Check out some pics from her store visit:


Mikaela featured in the Robyn (left) & the Elizabeth (right) 


Settling into Sydney Nov 17

Mikaela’s second day in Sydney was jam-packed with exploring, wandering and more eating. She started the day with breakfast with our Head of Product Design, Ryan Nix. Ryan walked Mikaela through his design process and took her browsing at some of his favourite vintage shops—this is how he gets inspired. Mikaela was surprised by the amount of detail, intention and care that goes into the making of every pair of Bailey Nelson glasses. Watch for photo coverage of Mikaela and Ryan’s time together in the coming days.


From there, Scott and Mikaela perused past the iconic Opera House and chatted about the evolution of Sydney and its infrastructure. Along the way, Mikaela spotted some new wildlife and in her words “the world’s tiniest seagulls.” She is falling more in love with this city which she calls “the perfect combination of beach life,adventure and nature.” In addition to introducing Mikaela to where our brand began and some of our team, we included activities in her itinerary that represent some of our Bailey Nelson values like individuality, self-expression, entrepreneurship and creativity. Stefan Hunt’s art exhibition, We’re All Going to Die is a perfect example of this. While it may seem morbid, Stefan created this art show to motivate and inspire creativity. After a bout of anxiety, he became humbled and comforted by the notion that we are all going to die, so you may as well go for it. From there, this multi-disciplinary art show was conceived. We sent Mikaela to the show with Scott and she loved the variety of installations, films, music and talks. Next up? A visit to the Bondi Markets, where it all began for BN.

She's Arrived! Nov 16

After a very long flight, Mikaela arrived and was greeted by one of Bailey Nelson’s first, Scott Triana. Scott is our Australia Community Engagement Manager and has been with our founders, Nick and Pete since the beginning. Fun fact: Scott has tattoos (yes, real ones) of every Bailey Nels on logo. You could say he is a lifer. Mikaela and Scott immediately got along famously and head into Sydney for some lunch. After some oysters and a few Aperol spritzes, Mikaela went to her hotel to settle in. She was welcomed with a kit of local Sydney goods and a selection of sunnies from our new collection—watch for these throughout Mikaela’s journey!

Later that day, Mikaela hit one of our original stores in Bondi Junction to have an eye exam and pick a pair of frames. She was welcomed by the team and got the full Bailey Nelson treatment. She is pumped to pick up her new frames when they are ready in a few days. Next came dinner with some more of the BN crew and a jet lag-fueled early bed time. Mikaela checked in with us bright and early the next day to share how in love with Bondi she is already—seriously, she might have to move here. She spent the morning walking the beach, people watching, and dreaming of her next meal. Stay tuned for more updates!

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